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Electric gate trapped a young child's head court heard

A Leicester company has been prosecuted for failing to install adequate guarding on an electric gate that trapped a young child at a primary school in Stourbridge. Dudley Magistrates’ Court yesterday heard that on 25 September 2012, an eight-year-old boy was injured when his head became trapped between the edge of the closing gate and the gate post. The youngster suffered significant bruising to the right side of his head and ear. His father, who witnessed the incident, tried desperately to hold the gate to stop it closing further and managed to pulled it open enough to release his son’s...

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Unions hail national strike an overwhelming success

While the Government down plays yesterday's national Strike, Unions are hailing it as an overwhelming success. Despite the government claiming that only 5% of schools were closed, a visit to council websites listing closed schools shows a very different story. The GMB union said: Over One Million Staff In Schools And Councils Joined the  Strike Over Pay. There are more people on strike than union members as school and council staff, union members or not, are very angry and it's time someone listened says GMB. Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for Public Services said "From ringing around GMB...

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‘The School Revolution’: how reforms are transforming schools

The Department for Education today published a film detailing the key education reforms over the last 4 years that are transforming the schools landscape in England. The film - titled ‘The School Revolution’ - features comment by headteachers, teachers, governors and educationalists who have played leading roles in ushering in the reforms or who have been on the frontline and witnessed first-hand the benefits they have already had. The participants tell how great heads and teachers now have more freedom to innovate, spread their excellence and use their energy...

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Anderson shelter unearthed at Stoke Community Primary School

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St George School Caretaker for 18 years took his own life

A School Caretaker took his own life after becoming increasingly depressed following the break-up of his relationship, an inquest heard. Adrian Hill, 55, of York Place, Hotwells, was found hanged at his home by police on March 17. Yesterday's inquest at Flax Bourton Coroners Court heard Mr Hill, who had worked at nearby St George Primary School for 18 years, had become depressed following the collapse of his relationship at the end of last year and visited his GP in February, complaining he was unable to sleep and had been feeling anxious. He was offered counselling and started to have...

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A respected School Caretaker for 32 years died on Saturday

Tributes have been paid to a much loved wife, friend and long standing member of Burry Port school. Pauline Ridgway died last Saturday at the age of 69 just before her 70th birthday. Pauline, who lived in Burry Port, had spent around 32 years at the Burry Port school as its devoted caretaker and cleaner. Head teacher Alison Williams described her as "very special" to everyone. She said: "Pauline was a most treasured member of staff, with a lively sense of humour and an infectious laugh. She had time for everyone and was a great friend to many. She will be sadly missed by all who knew...

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Safety Guidelines for Ponds in School Grounds The following guidelines relate to the design, location and management of ponds within school grounds. These guidelines must be applied at the planning stage of new... Read more
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How to Combat Arson in Schools I'd like to introduce to you The Arson Reduction Team. The team does some fantastic work with schools trying to reduce the risk of arson attacks. They focus on 3 main areas,... Read more

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Caretaker, Chislehurst. Caretaker, Chislehurst. We are looking for someone who can work alongside our residential Site Manager and the    .................   to see... Read more
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Non-Residential Caretaker, Stratford Office, E15 Non-Residential Caretaker Working within the North East Neighbourhood from the Stratford Office, E15 Salary £16,250 - £20,750pa This role... Read more
Non-Residential Caretaker SE17 Non-Residential Caretaker Working within the South Neighbourhood from the Printworks Office. SE17 Salary £16,250 - £20,750 per annum... Read more
Caretaker, Keele, Caretaker, Keele, You will be educated to a good standard of general education, with a good level of numeracy and literacy, have a good... Read more
Caretaker, London SW. Caretaker, London SW. You are more likely to be considered if you hold a full driving licence. You MUST have an   ...... To see this vacancy... Read more
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