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Kent boys’ school fined over pupil’s head injuries

The governors of a boys’ school in Tonbridge have been prosecuted after a 14-year-old pupil was severely injured when he was hit by a shot put thrown by another boy. The incident happened during a routine multi-sport PE lesson at The Judd School in Tonbridge on 20 June 2014. The pupil had left a triple jump area and was standing on the edge of the shot put landing zone to check a friend’s throw when he was struck on the back of his head by a shot. The pupil suffered life-threatening injuries and needed emergency brain surgery on a fractured skull. He has now returned to school but his...

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Is teaching on par with high-status professions like law and medicine?

Plans to support the creation of a new, independent college of teaching that will help to put teachers on a par with other high-status professions like law and medicine, and a new fund to champion more high-quality professional development for teachers, have been announced by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan and Schools Minister David Laws. Great teachers are at the heart of the government’s plan for education, with the rise in standards in recent years made possible because of their hard work and commitment. But the government recognises  the crucial reforms it has introduced have asked a...

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School Caretaker gave pupils a clear view of the solar eclipse

Children at Widcombe Junior School enjoyed a clear view of the 2015 eclipse thanks to equipment set up by the school's enterprising School Caretaker. Caretaker Simon Brissett rigged up the equipment, which meant pupils were able to sit in the school hall and watch the eclipse safely on a projector screen. Pupils have been taking part in plenty of activities at the school inspired by the eclipse, and also made pinhole cameras for the occasion. Head teacher Kate Wilkins said: "It was fantastic because our caretaker managed to set up a camera which then fed into the hall so that the...

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Primrose Hill School Caretaker celebrates 40 years

In 40 years, School Caretaker Ron Holding has served under eight headteachers, cleaned up after 1,400 children and changed too many toilet rolls to count. And on Tuesday last week, pupils past and present helped the 67-year-old mark the milestone with a special ceremony honouring his long career at St Paul’s Primary School in Primrose Hill. Asked why he has never left, Mr Holding said simply: “I love the school.” He added: “It’s the variety of the job. One day you could be sweeping the playground and the next, you’re at the Albert Hall at a school concert.” You can read Ron Holding's...

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School Caretaker played central role in tracing hundreds of graves

School children have helped keep the memory of a Mattersey war hero alive and well by cleaning up his overgrown grave site. Brigadier Edgar Glasby's amazing story of courage and resilience has emerged after relentless research by Retford war grave tracker Pete Cox. And now his last resting place has been discovered and given a much-needed spring clean by Mattersey Primary School pupils. "We have been really interested in finding out about the soldiers who came from Mattersey," said the school's head teacher Sharon Patton. Up until quite recently one man...

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Most successful new schools programme in national history

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced 49 new free schools for communities across the country, strengthening the government’s mission to give all parents the choice and security of a ‘good’ local school. The move brings the total number of free school places created since 2010 to almost a quarter of a million, making this policy the most successful new schools programme in national history with schools being created more quickly than ever before. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan hailed the policy for giving thousands of children the choice of attending an...

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Head Caretaker, London, (W10) Head Caretaker, London, (W10) To see this vacancy visit this website HERE Read more
Mobile Caretaker/Handyperson, London, SW1 Mobile Caretaker/Handyperson, London, SW1 Minor repairs, Decoration, Cleaning as required at designated locations to ensure that the... Read more
Caretaker, Warwickshire. Caretaker, Warwickshire. experience of cleaning and caretaking operations and can demonstrate a knowledge or relevant Health and Safety ... Read more
Caretaker/Handyman, Dartmouth. Caretaker/Handyman, Dartmouth. someone who is flexible with a “can do” attitude and able to work on their own with a good understanding of... Read more
Site Manager, Essex Site Manager, Essex. ......... looking for an enthusiastic caretaker to join our friendly staff team to ......   this vacancy can be found by... Read more
Assistant Caretaker, Ellesmere Port. Assistant Caretaker, Ellesmere Port. To be successful in this role you will be able to undertake general repairs and improvements and have... Read more
Facilities Manager, Lake District Facilities Manager, Lake District. centres buildings, fixtures & fittings, To see this vacancy visit this website HERE g Read more
Handy/Maintenance Person, Oxfordshire. Handy/Maintenance Person, Oxfordshire. As the Maintenance/Handy Person you will promote health and safety standards within and around the  ... Read more
Caretaker, Flintshire. Caretaker, Flintshire. The job is, predominantly, to clean the school and to open/lock school in the  ...........   to see this vacancy visit... Read more
Caretaker, Norwich, (Full Time, Temp) Caretaker, (Full Time, Temp)   Norwich, (Full Time, Temp) will provide a high standard of cleaning and maintenance including decorating and... Read more
Caretaker, Surrey. Caretaker, Surrey. You will be the Caretaker / Facilities Supervisor on a major education campus in the  ..........  this vacancy can be... Read more
Caretaker, Coventry. Caretaker, Coventry. Be able to undertake general maintenance tasks  ......................  this vacancy can be found by visiting this... Read more

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