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School Caretaker is being extra vigilant - Squirrel Watch

Terrified children at a Watford school were forced to evacuate the playground after a rampant squirrel caused havoc in the grounds. A teacher had to herd the children at Chater Infants School back into the safety of the building after an "unusually aggressive" grey squirrel disrupted their afternoon playtime earlier this month. One member of staff was scratched by the squirrel during the encounter. Headteacher Mrs Bal-Richards, said they were monitoring the situation and the School Caretaker is being extra vigilant, but fortunately the squirrel has not been sighted again. You can...

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Wyken Croft Primary School moves into brand new building

Wyken Croft Primary School in Coventry had its official reopening ceremony yesterday, following a multi-million pound rebuild. The school’s existing dilapidated building has been completely rebuilt as part of the government’s £2.4 billion Priority School Building Programme Priority School Building Programme to address 260 of the schools in England in the worst condition. Wyken Croft Primary School is the third school in Coventry to open in new buildings under the "Priority School Building Programme"PSBPIn total, 7 schools are being rebuilt across the city. Wyken Croft joins...

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Two “unsung heroes” have retired after more than 30 years

Two “unsung heroes” have retired after more than 30 years working as school cleaners. Gwen Turner, 70, and Eva Edwards, 76, were praised during a leaving ceremony at Chingford Foundation School. Grandmother-of-three Mrs Turner said she took on the job for “something to do” when her son Peter had grown up and never expected to stay 38 years. She said: "The caretaker who was the boss back then started putting the feelers out and my mum got me the job. My son had grown up and I was lost for something to do. I never had to work before. It started at 10 hours a week and...

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School Caretaker stole stationery to sell on eBay

A School Caretaker caught stealing more than £1,800 of stationery and selling it on eBay has been told he will have to pay back the money. Alan John Randell – or ‘BigAl66’ as he was known on the internet trading site – also sold items of PE equipment and clothing online for around six months before John Beddoes School’s head realised and reported him. Randell, 47, of Orchard Close, Presteigne, had been a big figure in the community – and was chairman of the local football club when he began stealing the items in November 2013. You can read the full story about this School...

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Nick Clegg marking how far school meals have come

The Deputy Prime Minster is kicking off a week of celebrations to highlight just how far school meals have come since the days of lukewarm liver and bacon and lumpy banana custard. As part of National School Meals Week (3 to 7 November 2014), a host of celebrity chefs are joining forces with school cooks to promote the great school lunch. It comes just months after the launch of free school meals for 2.8 million primary school children and the introduction of cooking on the curriculum. On Monday, the Deputy Prime Minister will be joining school children at Brasserie Blanc...

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Primary School Caretaker plans to stay put after 40 years

A loyal School Caretaker who plays a matriarchal role at her school celebrated 40 years of service when staff put on a surprise party. Beryl Wilkinson, 71, had no idea that her family, friends and even old classmates had been invited along to Rettendon Primary School to mark the occasion. The party came as a total shock to Beryl, who lives in a bungalow opposite the school grounds. "I genuinely had no idea about anything beforehand," she laughed. "The school put on a big celebratory tea for me, with a big 40 cake, scones and sandwiches." Even the Mayor of Chelmsford, Bob Villa, and his...

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